Welcome to the Poco Design website made by Robin Pierce (thats me).

Since 2009 Poco Design has been based in Derby working with local artists, galleries, photographers and architects producing awesome designs and Giclée prints. Along the way I have met some amazing people, working on some fun projects which has re-affirmed my love for design and making stuff.


After a year studying at Leicester DeMontfort University, I graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2007 studying 'Spatial Design' as well as lying about on Gyllyngvase beach trying to catch the illusive British sun. Deciding the former was more important and much more interesting i moved back to the Midlands and started Poco Design.


After writing my dissertation on 'Japanese Architecture and Tea' (a wierd combo but it worked) i was given the chance to go out to Tokyo which is one of the most incredible and inspirational places ever. Whilst Shinkansen-ing around Japan at super speeds I took part in the design and development of a coastal beach house, my first ever free-lance project.


Since then I have worked for a number of different design studios focusing on retail and exhibition design. I spent an enjoyable year and a half working for Large Creative in Nottingham, where i met some wonderful friends and feel privileged to be called part of the 'Largian Family'.



When i'm not sat in front of the computer manipulating bezier curves and un-clogging oversized printers you can find me searching for the next great snowboarding adventure and generally terrorising friends and studio mates. I love design and feel its a great way to make things work properly whilst helping people create amazing projects.


Thankyou to Luc for putting together the website and to all the other people who have helped out and put up with the meticulous faffing and attention to detail.